Colorado Call to Action

April 11th, 2007

Followup directory & links for John Andrews’
legislative countdown special on 710 KNUS

Thanks for your willingness to get involved as the Colorado General Assembly decides critical issues in these final days of its 2007 session. Matters awaiting decision are a moving target, but the property tax hike may still arise as a late bill, the Iraq war resolutions aren’t yet finalized, and social issues such as the sex ed mandate (HB-1292) and gay adoption (HB-1330) await Ritter’s signature or veto. Your voice can make a difference — see below for relevant links, along with our convenient directory of legislators with email addresses and phone numbers.

For information on bills awaiting action, click here. For a listing of committee members who will hear a specific bill you’re interested in, click here. To search bills by subject matter, click here.

To get the name of your own state senator and representative, use this link, then click on the map to reach your county clerk and there find your polling place, where elected officials are listed. To call legislators through their switchboard, ask for any House member at 303-866-2904, for Senate Democrats at 303-866-4865, and for Senate Republicans at 303-866-4866. Reach Gov. Bill Ritter at 303-866-2471. Or to email him, click

Directory Key: Leaders are listed first, then alphabetical by last names. H for House members, S for Senators, followed by their district number. Then counties represented, then R or D for party affiliation, then office phone number. Finally, email address, which you can click to send an email to that member.

Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald S16 D 303-866-3342
Boulder, Clear Creek, Gilpin, Grand, Jefferson, Summit

House Speaker Andrew Romanoff H6 D 303-866-2346
Arapahoe, Denver

Senate Minority Leader Andy McElhany S12 El Paso R 303-866-2318

House Minority Leader Mike May H44 Douglas R 303-866-5523

Sen. McElhany (R) & Rep. May warned of Gov. Ritter’s plan
to increase property taxes on the Call to Action special.
Directory continues below photo.


Balmer, David G H39 Arapahoe R 303-866-2950

Benefield, Debbie H29 Jefferson D 303-866-2950

Borodkin, Alice H9 D 303-866-2910
Denver, Arapahoe

Buescher, Bernie H55 Mesa D 303-866-2583

Butcher, Dorothy H46 Pueblo D 303-866-2968
no email

Bacon, Bob S14 Larimer D 303-866-4841

Boyd, Betty S21 Jefferson D 303-866-4857

Brophy, Greg S1 R 303-866-6360
Cheyenne, Elbert, Kiowa, Kit Carson, Lincoln, Logan Morgan, Phillips, Prowers, Sedgwick, Washington, Yuma

Cadman, Bill H15 El Paso R 303-866-5525

Carroll, Morgan H36 Arapahoe D 303-866-2942

Carroll, Terrance H7 Denver D 303-866-2909

Casso, Edward H32 Adams D 303-866-2964
no email

Cerbo, Mike H2 Denver D 303-866-2911

Curry, Kathleen H61 D 303-866-2945
Eagle, Garfield, Gunnison,Hinsdale, Pitkin

Fischer, Randy H53 Larimer D Cap: 303-866-2917

Frangas, K.Jerry H4 Denver D Cap: 303-866-2954

Gagliardi, Sara H27 Jefferson D 303-866-2962

Gallegos, Rafael L H62 D 303-866-2916
Alamosa, Conejos, Costilla, Huerfano, Mineral, Pueblo, Rio Grande, Saguache

Garcia, Michael H42 Arapahoe D 303-866-3911

Gardner, Bob H21 R 303-866-2191
Fremont, El Paso

Gardner, Cory H63 R 303-866-2906
Adams, Cheyenne, Crowley, Kiowa, Kit Carson, Lincoln, Morgan, Washington, Yuma

In leading off the Call to Action special, Rep. Cory Gardner (L)
warned of “leap to the left” by this year’s legislature.
Directory continues below photo.


Gibbs, Dan H56 D 303-866-2952
Eagle, Lake, Summit

Green, Gwyn H23 Jefferson D 303-866-2951

Gordon, Ken S35 D 303-866-3341
Arapahoe, Denver

Groff, Peter C. S33 D 303-866-4864
Adams, Denver

Hicks, Stella Garza H17 El Paso R 303-866-3069

Hodge, Mary H30 Adams D 303-866-2912

Hagedorn, Bob S29 Arapahoe D 303-866-4879

Harvey, Ted S30 Douglas R 303-866-4881

Isgar, Jim S6 D 303-866-4884
Archuleta,Dolores, La Plata, Montezuma, Montrose, Ouray, San Juan, San Miguel

Jahn, Cheri H24 Jefferson D 303-866-5522

Judd, Joel H5 Denver D 303-866-2925

Johnson, Steve S15 Larimer R 303-866-4853

Kefalas, John H52 Larimer D 303-866-4569

Kerr, Andrew H26 Jefferson D 303-866-2923

Kerr, James E H28 Jefferson R 303-866-2939

King, Steve H54 R 303-866-3068
Delta, Mesa

Keller, Maryanne “Moe” S20 Jefferson D 303-866-4856

Kester, Ken S2 R 303-866-4877
Baca, Bent, Crowley, Custer, Fremont, Huerfano, Las Animas, Otero, Pueblo

Kopp, Mike S22 Jefferson R 303-866-4859

Gulf War veteran Mike Kopp (L) debated Senate Majority Leader
Ken Gordon (C) about the latter’s anti-Iraq War resolution
in one segment of the Call to Action special.
Directory continues below photo.


Labuda, Jeanne H1 D 303-866-2966
Arapahoe, Denver, Jefferson
No email

Lambert, Kent H14 El Paso R 303-866-2937

Levy, Claire H13 D 303-866-2578
Boulder, Clear Creek, Gilpin

Liston, Larry G H16 El Paso R 303-866-2965

Looper, Marsha H19 El Paso R 303-866-2946

Lundberg, Kevin H49 R 303-866-2907
Larimer, Weld

Madden, Alice H10 Boulder D 303-866-2348

Marostica, Don H51 Larimer R 303-866-2947
No email

Marshall, Rosemary H8 Denver D 303-866-2959

Massey, Tom H60 R 303-866-2747
Chaffee, Custer, Fremont, Park, Pueblo, Saguache

McFadyen, Liane “Buffie” H47 D 303-866-2905
Fremont, Pueblo

McGihon, Anne L. H3 D 303-866-2921
Arapahoe, Denver

McKinley, Wes H64 D 303-866-2398
Baca, Bent, Huerfano, Las Animas, Otero, Prowers

McNulty, Frank H43 Douglas R 303-866-2936
No email

Merrifield, Michael H18 El Paso D 303-866-2932

Mitchell, Victor H45 R 303-866-2948
Douglas, Teller

May, Ron S10 El Paso R 303-866-2737

Mitchell, Shawn S23 R 303-866-4876
Adams, Broomfield, Weld

Morse, John P. S11 El Paso D 303-866-6364

Peniston, Cherylin H35 Adams D 303-866-2843

Pommer, Jack H11 Boulder D 303-866-2780

Primavera, Dianne H33 D 303-866-4667
Adams, Boulder, Broomfield, Weld

Penry, Joshua “Josh” S7 R 303-866-3077
Garfield, Mesa

Rice, Joe H38 D 303-866-2953
Arapahoe, Jefferson

Riesberg, Jim H50 Weld D 303-866-2929

Roberts, Ellen H59 R 303-866-2914
Archuleta, La Plata, Montezuma, San Juan

Rose, Ray H58 R 303-866-2955
Delta, Dolores, Montezuma, Montrose, Ouray, San Miguel

Renfroe, Scott W. S13 Weld R 303-866-4451

Romer, Chris S32 D 303-866-4852
Denver, Jefferson

Solano, Judy H31 Adams D 303-866-2918

Sonnenberg, Jerry H65 R 303-866-3706
Logan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Weld

Soper, John F H34 Adams D 303-866-2931

Stafford, Debbie H40 R 303-866-2944
Arapahoe, Elbert

Stephens, Amy H20 El Paso R 303-866-2924

Summers, Ken H22 Jefferson R 303-866-2927

Swalm, Spencer H37 Arapahoe R 303-866-5510

Sandoval, Paula E. S34 Denver D 303-866-4862

Schultheis, David C. “Dave” S9 El Paso R 303-866-4835

Schwartz, Gail S5 D 303-866-4871
Alamosa, Chaffee, Conejos, Costilla, Delta, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Mineral, Pitkin, Rio Grande, Saguache

Shaffer, Brandon C. S17 Boulder D 303-866-5291

Spence, Nancy S27 Arapahoe R 303-866-4883

Todd, Nancy H41 D 303-866-2919
Arapahoe, Denver

Takis, Stephanie S25 Adams D 303-866-4855

Tapia, Abel J. S3 Pueblo D 303-866-2581

Taylor, Jack S8 R 303-866-5292
Eagle, Garfield, Jackson, Moffat, Rio Blanco, Routt
No email

Tochtrop, Lois S24 Adams D 303-866-4863

Tupa, Ron S18 Boulder D 303-866-4872

Vaad, Glenn H48 Weld R 303-866-2943

Veiga, Jennifer S31 D 303-866-4861
Adams, Denver

Weissmann, Paul H12 Boulder D 303-866-2920

White, Al H57 R 303-866-2949
Garfield, Grand, Jackson, Moffat, Rio Blanco, Routt

Witwer, Robert E H25 Jefferson R 303-866-2582

Ward, Steve S26 R 303-866-4846
Arapahoe, Jefferson

Wiens, Tom J S4 R 303-866-4869
Douglas, El Paso, Lake, Park, Teller

Williams, Suzanne S28 D 303-866-3432
Arapahoe, Denver

Windels, Sue S19 Jefferson D 303-866-4840

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  • Heard monday nights show(28 apr). Please hold the line on TABOR spending limits. It’s the finger in the damn of the dems trying to release more funds for their pet liberal causes. Bill 200/167/11: I think ballot measures that amend col. constitution are our acheiles heel – too easy for a large group to vote anual pay raises and other perks for themselves and get them permanently in our const. At least raising signatures needed to 6% makes it a little more difficult.
    thanks for your good work keeping crazy dems in check. mt.

    by Mike Traverso


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