Clueless celebrities vs. leaders & heroes

January 6th, 2009

Americans need to think and talk more about the timeless principles of leadership, principles that also apply equally well to citizenship
and simple person-hood. How desperately those principles are needed
everyday, and how sadly lacking.

Too many “leaders” today are merely celebrities, with no notion of
integrity and no commitment to God’s goodness. Little wonder that
people feel cheated and seek ever anew for some “leader” who could
restore good government, but instead the media imposes on us yet
another clueless, self-serving celebrity. The risk to our republic
is immense.

Then, too, because people are taught that those shallow,
unprincipled weaklings must be idolized, people have little chance to
learn about genuine goodness. In place of valid heroes, representing
by their example the principles and godliness we each need to
emulate, the media adulate these false “leaders” and people’s moral
integrity and civic responsibility erode ever further.

This year, on this blog, let’s proclaim the true values that we need in our
leaders and in ourselves.

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