Obama’s harsh retribution

May 3rd, 2009

When the word retribution is talked about amongst friends, family, or co-workers, it does not have a positive connotation. According to Webster, retribution means something given or exacted in recompense.

With all its harshness, this is the only word I can think of that does justice to what the Obama administration is doing by releasing very sensitive information from the CIA about interrogation techniques used on terrorists. I still have not heard a compelling reason as to why the Obama administration felt compelled to divulge this information.

To actually have the gumption to consider prosecuting former Bush administration officials is unprecedented. If this is such a forward looking administration why must they continue to look back on the “mistakes” of the past administration?

I wonder how Americans would feel if they knew these interrogation methods saved their lives from further attacks. Furthermore, what message does this send and what type of example does this set for future administrations?

But perhaps the most critical argument: how are people that are supposed to be working on keeping our country safe — CIA agents, lawyers, etc. — going to do their job effectively if they feel the constant threat of future retribution upon themselves?

The author can be reached at mschmitz@mii-rmcc.com

Comments on this article

  • I will bet money if a terroist held a member of the Obama family as a hostage. Obama would waterboard that terroist in a heartbeat. We all would!! Your not only naive but your stupid if you won’t admit to that!

    by Keith Mundee


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