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This site is hosted by Backbone America Citizens Alliance, John Andrews, Chairman. The alliance stands for America without apologies, America with steel in her spine, America as it was meant to be. More information

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JA WLA 121015 smallerIF BAD CHRISTMAS SWEATERS COULD SING: John Andrews’ departure as director of Centennial Institute was heralded in a Jeannie Edwards-inspired parody of “No Place Like Home for the Holidays,” sung (if that’s the word) by some of his favorite students from the past seven years at a Dec. 10 ceremony with President Bill Armstrong looking on. Look here and zip through the gab for nutty musical ending.

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Ready for Some Watershed Thinking?

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By John Andrews

As conservatives, the only question is not how should we vote. How should we live? How should we treat people? How should we view America and its future? I’ve long believed that many of the answers are hiding in plain sight, up near the Continental Divide in my imaginary hometown of the heart, Backbone, Colorado. It was the dateline for over a hundred of my Denver Post columns in the past decade, and they’re now collected in a new book, Backbone Colorado USA: Dispatches from the Divide. (more…)

What John is Reading

Hearing from Greg Schaller, my CCU professor pal, about an online book club starting up at Redstate.com, I compared their list with mineas compiled a few years back at the suggestion of Kevin Teasley, my school-voucher activist pal. The overlap is interesting, and either list is a needed reminder that we’re well repaid by devoting more time to the writings that endure, and less to the ephema of journalism, TV-radio, or blogs (this one included).

So first, here’s the read-and-respond shelf recommended by Redstate:

1. A Message to Garcia by Elbert Hubbard

2. Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg

3. Economics in One Lesson by Hazlitt

4. Liberty & Tyranny by Mark Levin

5. The Road to Serfdom by F. A. Hayek

6. The Conservative Mind by Russell Kirk

7. Free to Choose by Milton Friedman (more…)

Backbone Bloggers

Facing the Responsibility Deficit

The race to succeed Barack Obama is on, but remember this: Important as the 2016 election will be, whether the Republicans or the Democrats prevail is not going to keep our country from rolling into 2017 faced with the same ominous symptoms of decline. Another centennial for the USA is far from assured. Maybe our country will be around to celebrate 2076, but maybe America’s goodness and glory will be but a sad memory by then. Historians warn that great nations undo themselves with moral and fiscal laxity after about 250 years. My timely book, Responsibility Reborn: A Citizen’s Guide to the Next American Century, looks at our chances and maps the way forward. I argue that Uncle Sam’s insolvency is only a symptom; irresponsibility as indulged by all of us is the fatal deficit we face. Saving our country starts with individuals looking in the mirror. Can we do it? Damn right we can. To learn more about the book and order your copy today, go to centennialccu.org and click Centennial Institute Store.


“End of discussion” won’t occur if Centennial Institute can help it

As chairman of the annual Western Conservative Summit, I was pleased to invite back for this year’s edition our longtime friends and political allies, Mary Katharine Ham and Guy Benson, to talk about their important new book, (more…)

Practicing prayer when God seems silent

National Day of Prayer was observed on May 7 with thousands of gatherings across America. I had the honor to keynote the Northern Colorado Prayer Breakfast in Loveland. God’s oxygen, God’s ark, and God’s ambassadors were my word-pictures for the day, expanding on (more…)

RTD Board: Republican Candidates ID’d

The Regional Transportation District in metro Denver is Colorado’s fourth largest government as measured by spending. Its power is immense, yet the 15-member board has a low political profile (more…)

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