John Andrews: Rallying Americans

John Andrews, for decades an influential voice in the Colorado political debate, is now one of his state's Christian conservative elder statesmen.  John's mission these days, he says, is to "rally Americans for the hard work of shouldering personal responsibility and restoring constitutional government as a nation under God.”

He does that through his books Backbone Colorado USA and Responsibility Reborn, a citizens group called Americans for America, his media and consulting activities, and this website.  

He has led five think tanks, most recently the Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University, and was the originator of the Western Conservative Summit, Backbone Radio, and the Head On TV debates.  Andrews was previously President of the Colorado Senate, chairman of the State Policy Network, and director of TCI Cable News. He was a speechwriter for President Richard Nixon; an education appointee under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush; founder of the Independence Institute and co-founder of State Policy Network; and Republican nominee for Governor of Colorado in 1990.

He was a state senator from 1998 to 2005, leaving on a term limit. As Minority Leader he led the GOP back to majority control. As Senate President he helped pass bills establishing education vouchers at both the K-12 and college levels, extending tort reform, reducing union control of state employees, expanding charter schools, requiring parental notification when a minor seeks an abortion, and restoring the Pledge of Allegiance in classrooms.

Senator Andrews’ legislative achievements also included bills cutting the capital gains tax, curbing the matricula ID card for illegal immigrants, providing toll lanes to reduce traffic congestion, outlining a statewide water policy, and drawing permanent congressional districts.  He was honored as national legislator of the year by the American Legislative Exchange Council, and as family legislator of the year by the Rocky Mountain Family Council. The Colorado Union of Taxpayers saluted him as a defender of TABOR, the state’s tax limit.

John was born in Michigan and grew up in the Colorado mountains. He served as a US Navy submarine officer after graduating from Principia College in 1966. His wife of 49 years is the former Donna D’Evelyn of Bakersfield, California. They have three grown children and a grandson, all living in the Denver area.

“I’m committed to defending the permanent things,” says the Presbyterian elder and former senator. “We must reassert the timeless political principles of the American founding, together with the moral and spiritual truths of our Judeo-Christian heritage.”