Memoir: That think-tank guy looks back

My eventful life has been woven of four strands — politics, education, media, and ministry — but the kids say it all boils down to typewriting and stapling. A chapter from our upcoming brothers’ memoir, “Downstream,” co-authored with Jim Andrews.

What's Jay Say: Crises & Cleavers

The oil spill in the Gulf has created a mess. President Obama expressed outrage that no company is willing to take responsibility. In a litigious environment, that is not surprising. Rather than take leadership to discover what caused the problem and what can do to prevent another occurrence, Obama expressed anger at the oil companies. It is another crisis that Obama will not let go to waste, but use it for his ideological agenda. And meanwhile... ===========================

Those who favor strict gun laws should look to China, which strictly controls guns. As a result, guns are not used for mass murders. Instead, other means are used such as hacking bludgeoning and burning. Many of these attacks are made on defenseless school children. The most recent occurrence was a 48 year old man who used a meat cleaver to kill seven children and two adults before killing himself. If guns are banned, as some advocate, the killings would continue without the victims having any defense. Is that what we want in our country?

What's Jay Say: Eruptions & Abortions

The Icelandic volcano may be old news for some, but the flights in and out of Ireland have been cancelled for several days due to the smoke. It is a reminder: "May the glory of the Lord endure forever; may the Lord rejoice in his works, who looks on the earth and it trembles, who touches the mountains and they smoke!" (Psalms 104:31-32). When we forget that God made heaven and earth and all of us, a small volcano can bring us back to reality. ===================

The Denver Post printed some great pictures for its movie review of "Babies," May 7. What a shame each day, that 3,000 babies in the womb in the U.S. are being denied the opportunity to crawl or contribute -- as they will be killed in the womb by abortions.