Radio, July 31: Democrat Year Coming Up?

Colorado last year was red at the head of the ticket, President Bush defeating Swifty John Kerry -- but blue from the neck down: a sweep for the Salazar brothers, legislative Democrats, and several big-government ballot issues. Are we in for more the same next year, when Dems defend the state House and Senate, take aim at the 7th Congressional, and bid to recapture the Governor's office?

Bill Ritter hopes so, and he will lead off our July 31 edition of "Backbone Radio with John Andrews," this Sunday from 5-8pm on 710 KNUS in Denver.

Ritter was Denver's district attorney, a guy with enough backbone to be pro-life in today's Democratic Party, and the first to declare for his party's 2006 gubernatorial nomination.

I'll have a good discussion with him -- better still if you add your voice by calling the show at 303 696 1971 or by firing me an email with your comments or questions for Ritter at

*** Jim Spencer of the Denver Post is another who hopes Colorado gets bluer in 2006. Spencer's impassioned liberal notions are always entertaining in his column, and equally so on the air.

I'll quiz Jim on why he's so eager for passage of Referendum C, the Democrats' huge tax increase. Maybe it's because winning that one in 2005 would put his side nicely ahead for electing their whole ticket in 2006. But we'll surely ask -- please help me interrogate him.

*** Meanwhile the Dems aren't so cheerful about blocking US Senate confirmation of Judge John Roberts, Bush's constitutional conservative nominee to the Supreme Court. What sort of justice would Roberts be, if he makes it? Did Sen. Ken Salazar hurt his party by making a filibuster less likely?

My guests to discuss the Supreme Court battle will be attorney Carol Platt Liebau, who clerked on the DC appeals court where John Roberts now serves, and Paul Campos, CU law professor and Rocky Mountain News columnist. Campos' idea of term limits for the justices intrigues me.

*** And speaking of our court system, the Friday papers were full of gloating over a US district judge's dismissal of a citizen lawsuit seeking congressional districts drawn by elected legislators -- not by a Democrat-dominated Colorado Supreme Court that anointed itself "part of the legislative branch" for redistricting purposes (no kidding).

But John Zakhem, attorney for those citizens and general counsel for the Colorado GOP, says not so fast -- a direct appeal to the US Supreme Court remains possible. He'll be in the Backbone studio to update us on this important case.

So that's our lineup on "Backbone Radio with John Andrews," this Sunday the 31st from 5-8pm on 710 KNUS in Denver. Outside the broadcast area, catch us online at Get in the conversation by calling the show at 303-696-1971. Or shoot me your comments by email at

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