Radio, August 28: Hank has his hands full

Back to school we go, everybody from kindergartners to grad students. No educational institution in the country greets the fall term with more at stake than the University of Colorado. That will be our leadoff topic this Sunday on "Backbone Radio with John Andrews." Hank Brown, CU's interim president, took the job this month with all eyes upon him. The university has been through stormy times with athletic and alcohol scandals, budget problems, and the disgraceful Prof. Ward Churchill. Brown's leadership credentials from the US Senate and a previous university presidency will be tested at Boulder as never before.

On the radio show Aug. 28, Matt and Beth and I will talk with the new president about his challenges and opportunities. We hope you will call in at 303-696-1971, or email us your comments and questions to

Here's the guest lineup for this Sunday...

** 530pm - CU President Hank Brown

** 600pm - Health policy analyst Linda Gorman, talking about how to save public budgets from the Medicaid monster and halt the slide toward socialized medicine

** 630pm - Rocky Mountain News columnist Mike Littwin, whom I'll question about his support for Cindy Sheehan and his skepticism of intelligent design

** 715pm - Author and theology professor Douglas Groothuis, who agrees with Bush that intelligent design deserves our consideration

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