Radio, Sept. 11: America Asleep?

"I tremble for my country," Thomas Jefferson wrote, referring to the evil within -- human slavery apathetically tolerated in the midst of a free republic. This week, on the fourth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on our homeland, I tremble at the apathy of many Americans toward the evil without -- Islamofascists who hate our free republic -- enemies bent on killing millions of us and enslaving the rest.

Four years after the WTC and Pentagon horrors might as well be 44, as little urgency and determination as there now is in America's prosecution of this so-called "war" against an implacable, fanatical, global adversary.

Yes, the death and destruction of Katrina were awful. Let us by all means address them with the zeal of a nation aroused, a nation unbowed. But let us not lose sight of the far greater harm those Islamofascist enemies seek to do our country and the entire free world.

Freedom itself enrages them. They will not rest until it is extinguished. So we must not rest until they are crushed.

Measured by that yardstick -- not just coping, Kerry-style, but total victory -- how well is an embattled America doing on this 9/11 anniversary? I'm concerned we are not doing very well.

Taking stock of the threat, and charting the way forward to victory, will be our theme on "Backbone Radio with John Andrews," Sunday evening from 5-8pm. Please listen on the air throughout Colorado at 710 KNUS, or online from anywhere at Get in the discussion by calling 303-696-1971, or by email at

With our guests and your calls, I'll dig into what 9/11 meant, what we've done and left undone in 48 months since then, why the country so quickly seems to have forgotten and lost focus, and where we go from here. Joining me will be...

* Steven Emerson, expert on Islamic terrorism and author of "American Jihad"

* Edward Rozek, CU foreign affairs professor who fought both the Nazis and the Communists in his native Poland

* Michael Graham, whose blunt article labelling Islam a terrorist organization got him kicked off talk radio

* Joey Tartakovsky, Russian-born associate editor of the "Claremont Review of Books"

* Congressman Bob Beauprez, candidate for governor, who has seen conditions in Iraq and Israel firsthand

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