Radio, Sept. 18: Beyond Katrina

By John Andrews, Host of Backbone ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join us every Sunday, 5-8pm on 710 KNUS, Denver or at ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay, that's more like it. Storm hysteria finally began to abate this week, and some perspective was regained. It takes more than just a hurricane, even a monster storm like Katrina, to knock the United States of America off its pins.

Even when the political and media elites lose their heads in a manner that would disgust our stern forefathers, the good sense of the American people and the resiliency of American institutions have a way of coming through. What a relief.

As I wrote in my Denver Post column earlier this month, there is a basic conservative streak in this country, the "Right Nation" spirit documented in a book by that name, which stabilizes us at times like this. Because of our spiritual core we're shakable but not breakable, Backbone blogger Dave Crater said the other day in a thoughtful piece on New Orleans.

So this Sunday the 18th on "Backbone Radio with John Andrews," the conversation will take up the bigger picture in a nation proved resilient once again. Listen on 710 KNUS in Denver or online at from anywhere. Join the conversation by calling me at 303 696 1971 or by email at Here's our lineup...

** What about the alleged gulf between black and white, supposedly revealed by Katrina? State Sen. Ed Jones of Colorado Springs, a proud black conservative who grew up in the segregated South, joins me to talk about it.

** Why did the Roberts confirmation hearings for Chief Justice go so well? What's to come with Bush's next pick, a replacement for Justice O'Connor? DC-based judicial expert Sean Rushton is my guest.

** Did the flood wash away all chances of Social Security reform for now? Congressman Paul Ryan, R-WI, a reform warrior, will give us the outlook.

** Is there room at CU-Boulder for a daring defense of the goodness of Western civilization? It won't be easy, but classics professor Christian Kopff is determined. Hear his report.

** Does the campaign against Ref C & D, the battle to keep taxes down and TABOR strong, stand a chance against the bigwigs, big money, and big media browbeating voters? I'll talk about the race with Dave Pearson of the Colorado Club for Growth.

Liven up your Sunday evening with some backbone -- the most principled, most patriotic, most faith-based, most Colorado-proud conversation on the weekend radio dial.

We're the talk show that believes in America without apologies, that puts principle into politics, that's quietly recruiting citizen soldiers to help restore this Republic. Want to be one?


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Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS --------------------------------------------------------------------------- HALF-TRUTH CITY must be the legislative district of House Speaker Andrew Romanoff, D-Denver. When I debated him this week about Referendum C & D, he said we need it for economic recovery because the 2001 recession knocked Colorado from 2nd to 49th in job growth... he sang its praises while never mentioning any dollar amounts... and he glibly noted it won't raise tax rates.

Oh, the blessings of a too-clever opponent. When my turn came, I pointed out the referendum WILL raise the tax take... specified that higher amount at $3.74 billion and rising... and reminded the audience we're now back up to 10th in job growth. At least we're back up there unless Dems persuade voters to penalize productivity and reward the bureaucracy with this whopping money transfer. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- COUNT US OUT was the message from 60 of 64 Republican county chairmen across Colorado when Backbone America invited them to join the few prominent GOP figures endorsing Referendum C & D. Answering our survey, only four county chairs said voters should pass the tax hike. The rest were negative (19) or neutral (41). Why board a sinking ship? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOW BLOGGING FOR BACKBONE are Owens alumnus Sean Duffy, former CU Republican activist Brad Jones, Claremont Lincoln Fellow Krista Kafer, theology wonk Jeremy Schupbach, and several other suspicious characters. Plus of course Dr. Matt, Skinny Beth, Cate Corry's mom, and me. Check in here with us daily.