Reid Folds Under Pressure on Roberts Vote

By Jeremy Schupbach Senator Harry Reid announced yesterday that he would vote against the confirmation of Judge John Roberts for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The Senator from Nevada has made it clear that he is now a wholly owned subsidy of the left. After a week of testimony, thousands of pages of documents, and the opportunity to question Judge Roberts ad nauseum (and some of the questions were noxious) Senator Reid had not made up his mind about how he would vote.

However, after meeting with nearly 40 representatives of liberal interest groups he knew exactly how to vote. Kim Gandy, the president of the National Association of Women (NOW), trumpeted the news to the press, "He got the message loud and clear, didn't he?

Senator Reid may try and convince us that he's voting no because there are "too many unanswered questions" about judge Roberts. But the fact is that he'll vote no because of the politics, and the money, and because the liberal interest groups told him to. The fact is that his vote will confirm what NOW and many other liberal groups already know. They own his vote. It may have taken 40 meetings to remind him, but the Senator got the message. He may be the Senator, but he's not the one pulling the strings.

Colorado Senator Ken Salazar also appears in the article, calling on the White House to release even more documents. Senator Salazar was elected, in part because he promised not to practice petty partisan politics - especially with judicial confirmations. It appears that he's been given the same talking points as Senator Reid. Will Senator Salazar have the courage, to do what he knows is right for America and Colorado and bring the nomination to a floor vote. As a member of the "gang of 14" he certainly has the power, will he have the backbone to honor his campaign promise and get it done?