Radio, Sept. 25: Brainwashed Kids

BULLETIN FROM JOHN ANDREWSChairman, Backbone America Colorado Fellow, Claremont Institute ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join us on radio every Sunday, 5-8pm on 710 KNUS, Denver To listen online from anywhere, click ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most American kids, at age 12, have been helped to understand that they live in a pretty darn good country, governed by an admirable if imperfect constitution, led by decent if fallible grownups. Not so with a young boy and girl who stormed me at a suburban junior high the other day.

Michael Moore Jr. and Cindy Sheehan Jr., as I have dubbed these two 7th-graders, tag-teamed ol' John after my Constitution Day speech on Sept. 16. They had all the marks of little leftist clones -- the sneering slogans, the arrogant demeanor, even the anger-flushed faces and the voices trembling with emotion.

Wow, what an onslaught. Bottom line: I realized that Bush-hating adults, presumably starting with their parents, have convinced these kids they live in a bad country, under a bad system, headed by a bad man. Little Cindy and little Mike, not yet in their teens, are zealous converts to anti-Americanism. How very sad, and more than that, disturbing.

Now, to be fair, I must add that courteous, well-balanced students, respectful of me and the subject matter, eager to learn, were the norm among the 100 or so youngsters I addressed that day. The four teachers accompanying them were professional and gracious.

I enjoyed the time there at Cherry Creek West Middle School, and a couple of pre-adolescent brainwash cases didn't spoil it. But let me tell you -- the Mike & Cindy episode deepened my resolve as host of "Backbone Radio with John Andrews."

I came away determined to do even more for the show's unwavering message of America without apologies, America as it was meant to be. While the "anti" attitude is anyone's prerogative, even a child's, our program will keep hammering at its fallacies and countering them with the truth.

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Our September 25 lineup of guests and topics will include...

** John Marini, Claremont Institute political scientist, who argues that the classic John Wayne movies by John Ford are a key to understanding ourselves as Americans today.

** Mike Beasley, Cabinet director for local affairs under Gov. Bill Owens, with a report on our state's preparedness for any kind of homeland security emergency.

** Mark Paschall, Jefferson County Treasurer, who wants to succeed Bob Beauprez in Congress.

** Tim Ewing, Colorado businessman turned Montana publisher, who thinks you will like his Rare Jewel magazine if you like "under God" in the Pledge.

** Mark Hillman, Colorado State Treasurer, with an update on the pension tension over state retirement benefits, and on the smelly side of state payoffs from tobacco companies.

Concerned about a future where those brainwashed kids may outnumber the clear-thinking ones, leading to an America with no spine? Then liven up your Sunday evening with some backbone -- the most principled, most patriotic, most faith-based, most Colorado-proud conversation on the weekend radio dial.

We're the talk show that believes in America without apologies, that puts principle into politics, that's quietly recruiting citizen soldiers to help restore this Republic. Want to be one?


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Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS --------------------------------------------------------------------------- LUNCH WITH ARMEY & ANDREWS, also Treasurer Mark Hillman and Senator Shawn Mitchell, is on tap Tuesday, Oct. 4, 12 noon at Doug Kershaw's Bayou House in Greeley.

Featured speaker will be former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, campaigning across the state again that day to keep taxes down and TABOR strong as the guest of Colorado FreedomWorks.

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