Radio, Oct. 23: Unfit for freedom?

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Thumbs down -- unfit for freedom -- that's been the verdict on humanity from both the Marxist-Leninist ideas that long tyrannized this part of the world and the Islamo-fascist vision that tempts Muslims here and elsewhere, as well as from the absolute monarchies and despotic empires endemic to the Balkans in centuries past.

But now these long-suffering peoples of the former Yugoslavia are working to disprove the old assumption about them. And while the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, and the overthrow of bloody strongman Slobodan Milosevic in 2000, may seem like back pages to us in the West, for people here these are still fresh events leading to an uncertain future.

The Balkan drama, men and women much like us struggling to build free and open societies on the rubble of brutal unfreedom, is relevant not only for its own sake but also for the light it sheds on similar efforts in Iraq or Afghanistan -- the future direction of Russia and China -- and for its sidelight on America's own less-vivid debates about over-government versus individual liberty.

Yes, when you think about it, that even includes Colorado's battle over the C & D tax increase. I mean it: the issues and tradeoffs differ only in degree.

So your Backbone host flies home this weekend with lots of grist for the Oct. 23 show. My guests will include a local Muslim imam... state Republican chairman Bob Martinez... immigration scholar John Fonte... former House Speaker Lola Spradley... and tax-fighting Aurora councilman Ryan Frazier.

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