Romanoff mouths off about 'trash-talk'

By Brian Ochsner House Speaker Andrew Romanoff recently showed his real opinion about folks who were opposed to Referendum C and bigger government, folks like me and most of you reading this. It happened the other day when he was interviewed on the Gunny Bob Newman show on KOA.

The Gunny first torpedoed the Speaker's arguments about why Referendum C was positive for the state of Colorado. Then, after Romanoff ran out of intellectual ammo to counter Bob's logic, he counter-attacked with the usual leftist strategy of an ad hominem attack -- going after the person, instead of the issue.

Romanoff opined -- I'll paraphrase here since I didn't hear the interview live -- that people who were against Referendum C and spoke their opinions on talk radio were engaged in mere trash-talk. (See Newman's precise quotation below.)

Gunny Bob is a former Marine who served his country proudly in the Middle East. He's not a hyper-sensitive shrinking violet who can't handle criticism or a respectful difference of opinion. I mention this to give background and context for this story. That said, from the KOA website, here's his response to Romanoff's on-air temper tantrum:

    Mr. Speaker: On the "Gunny Bob Show" last night, you clearly implied that my large audience consists of Coloradans you consider to be "trash" when you called the show "trash-talk radio."

    Whereas I brush off insults to me personally, I take great exception to your hateful, intolerant words regarding my audience, some of whom, by the way, are voters in your district.

    Your conduct last night was a new low for you. Never have I interviewed a guest so filled with hate and bile for those with whom he disagrees. Your stunning lack of maturity and judgment, coupled with your willingness to defame and insult my audience, will go down in infamy in Colorado politics and the Colorado media.

    Should you wish to appear on my show again, I will first require you to (1) sincerely apologize to my audience and your constituents for your embarrassing and outrageous behavior last night, and (2) promise in writing to conduct yourself appropriately, with respect for the audience, dignity and honor.

    Sincerely, Bob Newman Host, the "Gunny Bob Show" Newsradio 850 KOA, Denver

And I thought liberals were supposed to be more open-minded, peace-loving and tolerant of other folks' opinions. Why, we could sit down by the campfire to roast s'mores and sing 'Kum-Bah-Ya' in unison.

Sadly, that isn't the case. I concur with Oliver North that political folks can disagree without being disagreeable. I tend to differ with people who complain about the "partisanship" in politics, but pour verbal gasoline on a difference of opinion.

The best advice I can give to elected officials is this: Politician, heal thyself. Then you can worry about anyone else engaging in partisan behavior.