Radio, Feb. 19: Who succeeds Bill Owens?

Join us on radio every Sunday, 5-8pm on 710 KNUS, DenverTo listen online from anywhere, click ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- How does Bush cause hurricanes? Why is Cheney the way he is? What started Republicans on this anti-smoking jag? Those are three of the many questions that we at Backbone Radio honestly can't answer for you.

Sure, we can guess, and this week's show will feature our most imaginative surmises on these topics -- even as we guessed last week about which Senate Democrat most resembles Jabba the Hutt, and the previous week about what position Ann Coulter should play on the conservative football all-stars.

But we can more confidently predict such things as: (1) Which governor and lieutenant governor ticket has the best chance to succeed Bill Owens and Jane Norton this fall? (2) Could the mainstream media recognize a double standard if their life depended on it? And (3) is morality or promiscuity more likely to yield real happiness?

"Backbone Radio with John Andrews" this coming Sunday takes up all three questions, and more, with guests you won't want to miss.

(1) Former GOP House Speaker Lola Spradley, tapped as Marc Holtzman's running mate, joins me in studio along with Barbara O'Brien, the children's advocate and ticket partner of Dem candidate Bill Ritter.

(2) Political cartoonist Bruce Tinsley, who draws the "Mallard Fillmore" strip for editorial pages nationwide including the Denver Post, offers his take on the Muslim cartoon jihad and the overall plague of political correctness.

(3) A group of teenage rebels who dare to save sex for marriage, part of the Pure by Choice movement, will show up again with their far-out notions of abstinence. These kids rocked the place a year ago; who knows what they'll say this time?

(4) All this plus AEI president Chris Demuth on the ominous "Unlimited Government" bandwagon, and Claremont Institute legal scholar John Eastman on the Roberts-Alito court.

That's 5-8pm this Sunday, Feb. 19, on 710 KNUS in Denver and around the world. (A web listener emailed us from South America during the last show.) Call in with your two-cents at 303-696-1971. Or comment by email, during the show or right now, at

There's nothing else quite like Backbone Radio, the most principled, most patriotic, most faith-based, most Colorado-proud spot on the dial. I invite you to join us for another lively Sunday evening of fact, opinion, and insight.

Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS