Bennish a poster boy for school choice

By Brian Ochsner The leftist rantings and ravings from Overland HS teacher Jay Bennish were not only "off the hook" with their bias and idiocy – he was probably off his medications when the audiotape was made. This only reinforces my steadfast belief about public education, that’s it’s more about indoctrination than true education of young minds.

Slapstick Politics and Michelle Malkin say the same thing. Public Ed doesn’t just need minor reform, tinkering around the edges, or more parent participation (which would be good in any school). It is an outdated, mediocre monopoly that needs to be abolished. It should be tossed on the scrap heap of bad ideas along with Communism, socialism, and slavery. I’m just getting warmed up – here are several more reasons why.

Public school proponents argue that more money for technology, better facilities, and other upgrades is the solution for improving "modern education" – not bringing morals or values back to the classroom, God forbid (oops, can’t say the G-word in school). Yet with spending at record levels, American public schools are doing a worse job than ever of teaching kids the basics, and we’re falling way behind other nations in the quality of K-12 education. Not to mention that traditional Judeo-Christian values are often ridiculed and secular values are glorified.

Along with this, a lot of high school and college graduates I talk with today aren’t really critical thinkers. More than a few have problems spelling and reading. Public education - along with television - is the most destructive force in America today. If you look around and talk with more than a dozen people today, you’ll realize that our society has been dumbed down by "modern education" and the idiot box. The biggest fallacy about public schools is that the better school system will provide better education for your kids.

Overland High School, where Mr. Bennish teaches, is a part of the glorified, hallowed and (formerly) respected Cherry Creek School system. Its reputation was that of being the crème de la crème of all school systems in the Denver-metro area. After hearing Jay Bennish’s rantings, I’d call it the crème de la crap. Pardon the language, but this is ridiculous. If this is the best that Public Ed has to offer, they’ve flunked the final.

Mr. Bnnish’s Dennis Miller-like rant reminds me of a Rodney Dangerfield movie in the mid-80s titled Back To School. Rodney’s character goes back to the halls of higher ed, where he runs into a bi-polar professor, played by the late comedian Sam Kinison.

The professor rambles on about Vietnam, and other assorted topics, before yelling at someone in his class to give him an answer: “Say it, say it, oh, oooooohhhhh!” Bennish almost does the same thing in his 20-minute screed that Overland High student Sean Allen recorded. It’s the same Sheehan/moon bat-type propaganda that’s infiltrated and infected the minds of too many American kids and adults.

I’d rather have a kid properly educated in the 3 Rs and Judeo-Christian values in a schoolhouse in the middle of a cow pasture, than send him to the most modern facilities to be indoctrinated by a bunch of secular, leftist losers. I’ll go a step further – I wouldn’t even send a dog to an American public school today. I wouldn’t want him to get corrupted or dumbed down by these progressive "educators" (using that term very loosely).

Liberal logic, when you think about it, is absolutely insane. It astounds me that the left is adamant about a "woman’s right to choose," i.e., killing her unborn child, but they’re staunchly against letting a parent choose where, how and by whom their living child(ren) are educated. I dare anyone to tell me how this makes a lick of common sense.

The injection of competition into education is long overdue. Give parents educational vouchers so they can have choice, and schools will be forced to be accountable for the educational services they provide. I know the NEA, CEA, ACLU, and other liberal acronym groups will raise hell, heaven and earth to keep their precious monopoly. I don’t care.

It’s time for a showdown at the K-12 Corral to break up this educational cartel. It’ll be a heck of a battle, but its one that needs to be fought – and more importantly, won. This protracted experiment in liberal lunacy has gone on long enough. Give real educational choice a chance.