Radio, Mar. 26: Coffman, Peterson, Barone

Join us on radio every Sunday, 5-8pm on 710 KNUS, DenverTo listen online from anywhere, click ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Howdy from Portland, Maine, where I'm spreading the tax-limitation message that you can either have robust economic growth or unrestrained government growth -- but not both. Maine citizens are on the ballot with their own Taxpayer's Bill of Rights (rainy day fund in, ratchet out), and they asked me to bring the truth about how good TABOR has been for Colorado. I'll do the same next week in Topeka, Kansas.

In between those trips, I'll "see" you on the radio Sunday evening. "Backbone Radio with John Andrews" this weekend proudly welcomes USMC Major, and State Treasurer-on-leave, Mike Coffman home from his war service in Iraq -- Fallujah no less. Our conversation in studio is one I'm excited about. Please join us -- listen in and call in.

The show will also cover politics, ideas, and cultural concerns, from Colorado to Congress to Kabul. My other guests include:

** State Attorney General John Suthers, legal honcho for everything from political reparation letters to vanloads of illegal aliens.

** Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, whose online criticism of his fellow African-Americans after Katrina caused a stir at the State Capitol when Rep. Jim Welker emailed it widely.

** Michael Barone, author, columnist, and Fox News commentator, whose concept of hard and soft institutions has relevance for such issues as the PERA deficit and the Bennish case.

** Islam-watcher Daniel Pipes, who can help us take stock of the global war as Year 4 starts in Iraq and Bush pushes harder.

That's our lineup from 5-8pm this Sunday, March 26, on 710 KNUS in Denver and around the world. Call in with your two-cents at 303-696-1971. Or comment by email, during the show or right now, at

There's nothing else quite like Backbone Radio, the most principled, most patriotic, most faith-based, most Colorado-proud spot on the dial. I invite you to join us for another lively Sunday evening of fact, opinion, and insight.

Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS