Lawmakers to Bush: Please Act!

Re: Declaring a National Emergency April 11, 2006 President George W. Bush The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500 Dear Mr. President:

As members of the Republican Study Committee of Colorado, a caucus of the Colorado General Assembly, we have been shocked by the blatant, coordinated, and anti-American demonstrations on behalf of illegal aliens throughout the country, including the City of Denver, with little or no serious action on the part of the Federal Government to address the growing negative impact of illegal aliens on the American people, or to protect all states from invasion as required by Article IV, Section 4 of the United States Constitution.

The United States is experiencing a massive invasion of over three million people per year on our southern border. During this time of a war on terrorism, and our vulnerabilities to the smuggling of nuclear materials demonstrated by the General Accounting Office, we must secure our borders immediately. Every month, more illegal aliens infiltrate our borders than the entire three-division U.S. Marine force that assaulted Iwo Jima during World War II.

The negative impact of illegal aliens on all states, especially in the West, cripples our already over-burdened state budgets; creates black market economies that undercut American jobs; increases the levels of violent crime and drug trafficking; diverts educational, medical, and welfare benefits from American citizens.

No amnesty or guest worker programs can be effective when Federal policies allow both foreigners and U.S. employers to so easily and blatantly ignore our existing immigration and customs laws. The millions of illegal aliens who violate our laws are not our “guests,” and cheat other legal immigrants who willingly follow and respect our laws and procedures. Although people around the world flee governments that refuse to reform their own failing elitist and tyrannical socialist economies, Americans neither should nor can pay the price for all of the economic refugees of the World. Moreover, it is unconscionable that Americans would support the growth of a new underclass reminiscent of the slavery of the Nineteenth Century, and illegally circumvent laws against worker exploitation—while simultaneously subsidizing their employment through government services imposed on the backs of American taxpayers.

Many illegal aliens now arrogantly oppose our American culture, our Constitutional process of citizenship, the Rule of Law, and the national sovereignty of the Southwestern United States. Millions of people crossing our porous borders also mask the infiltration of tens of thousands of known criminals and likely terrorists intent on harming Americans.

We strongly request your action to immediately declare a national state of emergency, as has been requested by the Governors of New Mexico and Arizona; use National Guard and other troops until effective barriers are in place to stop all illegal infiltration; to support H.B.4437 or similar legislation prior to any consideration of amnesty or guest-worker programs; and to physically control our borders from illegal entry immediately and permanently.

Signatories: Rep. Lauri Clapp Rep. Richard Decker Rep. Ted Harvey Sen. Doug Lamborn Rep. Kevin Lundberg Rep. David Schultheis Rep. Debbie Stafford Rep. Jim Welker