Radio, April 23: Worse than Nixon?

Join us on radio every Sunday, 5-8pm on 710 KNUS, DenverTo listen online from anywhere, click ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boston University Prof. Angelo Codevilla, my colleague at the Claremont Institute and one of its founders, wrote his new book "No Victory, No Peace," to counter facile optimism in our war against Islamofascism. US military action in Afghanistan and Iraq has been less a real war than a police action, he argues, and victory isn't appreciably closer as a result.

Codevilla makes a somber analogy between the current Bush presidency and that of Richard Nixon, when sporadic toughness in word and deed served to mask, in his view, a deeper pattern of appeasement and retreat that weakened America and emboldened our enemies. He spells this out in the latest American Spectator (link shows contents page, not full text).

** Angelo Codevilla is my guest for a special one-hour interview this Sunday on "Backbone Radio with John Andrews." Don't miss this one. It won't brighten your evening, but you'll come away better equipped for the long struggle our nation faces.

** What do Hurricane Katrina and the Alito confirmation have to do with the right to keep and bear arms? Plenty, according to National Rifle Association president Sandy Froman. She'll join me on the show as well.

** What's missing in the way many American institutions teach and practice leadership? West Pointer Larry Donnithorne, now president of Colorado Christian University, will give us a diagnosis.

** Why is the Ken & John Salazar brother act in Congress bad news for Colorado? Scott Tipton, GOP challenger to Congressman Salazar, brings in a bunch of reasons.

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