Radio, May 7 * Sea to shining sea

Update, May 8: Juan Botero cancelled his appearance on last night's show, stating that his campaign against Congressman Tancredo is suspended until May 10. Taxpayer advocate Douglas Bruce appeared instead, explaining his tax and debt limit proposals in Colorado Springs (see and urging passage of the Petition Rights Amendment ( by statewide voters this fall.---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join us on radio every Sunday, 5-8pm on 710 KNUS, Denver To listen online from anywhere, click ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's been a bicoastal week for your friend John. Wednesday and Thursday I was in Ontario CA for meetings at the Claremont Institute and a speech honoring May 4 as the National Day of Prayer. Then on Friday and Saturday, out to Washington DC for the Salem Radio Network talk show hosts conference.

Did you know that the first speech ever given by an American president, George Washington's inaugural address in 1789, contains three extended passages of prayer? Did you know that talk radio's power in politics today was made possible by President Reagan's repeal of the anti-free-speech "fairness doctrine" back in the 1980s?

We'll cover these and many other important topics on the next edition of "Backbone Radio with John Andrews," after I jet home in time for Sunday's show. I'd love to have you in on the conversation. Guests will include:

** A pair of Republican congressional candidates... Juan Botero of Denver, the feisty primary challenger to Tom Tancredo... and Jeff Crank of Colorado Springs, battling for the nomination to succeed Joel Hefley, who has endorsed him.

** A pair of columnists who differ sharply on illegal aliens and most other issues... conservative Jay Ambrose of Scripps Howard and the Rocky Mountain News... followed by my liberal sparring partner Mike Littwin, also of the Rocky.

** Plus Lee Strobel, the investigative reporter turned Christian apologist, author of The Case for Christ, with a special report on the flood of falsehoods in Hollywood's forthcoming Da Vinci Code movie.

Bottom line: we prefer the Reagan Doctrine to the fairness doctrine any day. If you agree, join Krista Kafer and me from 5-8pm this Sunday, May 7, on 710 KNUS in Denver and around the world. Call in with your two-cents at 303-696-1971. Or comment by email, during the show or right now, at

There's nothing else quite like Backbone Radio, the most principled, most patriotic, most faith-based, most Colorado-proud spot on the dial. Tune in for another lively Sunday evening of fact, opinion, and insight.

Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS