Defend Colorado Now campaign will continue

    (Note by John Andrews) Multiple subjects can't be addressed in one initiated constitutional amendment or statute to come before Colorado voters, and on Monday, June 12, the state Supreme Court ruled 4-2 that the proposal called Defend Colorado Now -- ensuring tax-paid services go to legal residents only -- violates that requirement. So barring a reversal of the decision, the measure is dead for 2006. There is not time to start over with a narrower petition(assuming any such thing could be devised). As a proponent of sweeping judicial reform, I have my own personal thoughts about all this. But as co-chairman of the Defend Colorado Now campaign, I issued the following press statement Monday afternoon. A followup press statement, after Gov. Owens entered the fray on Tuesday, is found in comments below.

Today's decision by the Colorado Supreme Court against our ballot issue strains common sense and conflicts with prior rulings on the single-subject requirement. We will move for the court to reconsider, in hope of a more just decision next time.

This setback on a legal technicality cannot diminish the tremendous grassroots support for voters saying "enough" on the flood of illegal immigration in our state. Defend Colorado Now will continue full speed ahead with our petition campaign, already gathering signatures by the tens of thousands. Citizens want this issue on the November ballot.

Cutting off tax-paid services to illegal aliens, except in emergencies or when federally mandated, is obviously a single subject. Not only that, it is the single most urgent subject on Coloradans' mind in this election year. The will of the people won't be denied forever.

    The full Supreme Court opinion is here. The early AP story from is here. Trenchant analysis by Joshua Sharf, my associate on Backbone Radio, is here.