Tomorrow’s leaders: scrappers or snivelers?

By Krista Kafer A USA Today story reports a 15 pound housecat chased a black bear up a tree… twice. That’s what I call backbone. The story stands out among numerous examples of less than courageous behavior that also made the news – the Democrat volunteer who pushed an envelope full of dog poop into Congresswoman Musgrave’s campaign office mailbox , the Colorado Supreme Court’s twisted application of the single subject rule to toss out Defend Colorado Now’s petition , and liberal Larimer County Republicans sniping at Congressman Bob Beauprez and other anti-Ref C Republicans by way of an endorsement of gubernatorial candidate Bill Ritter.

See also Vincent Carroll’s editorialon the Post’s shameless negative profile of Beauprez by reporter Susan Greene and the new tactics of faux-candidate Marc Holtzman.

So the skulking, sneering, sniping, sniveling, spineless conduct came from the humans and the cat was brave and spirited. I’d like to believe it is generally the other way around.

Fortunately, a few days ago I got to spend an evening celebrating individuals who have principle and courage. Last Friday night, June 9, was the graduation of the 2006 class of the Leadership Program of the Rockies, of which I was a member.

During the nine month course, LPR develops and equips emerging leaders. Drawing on the expertise of national experts and local leaders, LPR teaches the principles of America’s founding, their application to today’s challenges, and the skills to move public policy in a positive direction.

Over 700 individuals have participated in the program since its inception almost 20 years ago. Said Louis Pasteur,“Fortune favors the prepared mind.” LPR prepares the mind to take a principled stand.

I have no doubt my classmates have what it takes to lead. Taking a stand requires more than just a solid grasp of the truth. It requires backbone and a willingness to risk injury in pursuit of the good. Sometimes the brave lose with honor. Other times, as a certain brazen tabby will attest, fortune favors the brave. Either way, I’d rather not be the bearer of cowardice.