Radio, July 9: Tancredo stands guard

Join us on radio every Sunday, 5-8pm on 710 KNUS, DenverTo listen online from anywhere, click ------------------------------------------------------------------------How does Congressman Tom Tancredo, whom the Wall Street Journal grudgingly calls today's "real Speaker of the House," see the current situation on immigration reform in Congress and at home in Colorado?

How do the Democratic and Republican leaders in our Colorado Senate see the legislative special session now underway on that same hot issue?

"Backbone Radio with John Andrews" brings you the answers this Sunday as we welcome "Speaker" Tancredo, along with state senators Ken Gordon (D) and Andy McElhany (R) back to the program. Mike partners Krista Kafer and Joshua Sharf will join me for those interviews. I hope you will too.

Nationally, immigration enforcement is gaining favor over amnesty and guest workers. Mexico's recent election adds a twist. Here in the state, Dems finally admit "doing nothing is no longer an option" -- that's an actual headline from one of their leaders. But they're still trying to do as little as possible, and GOP leverage isn't great. Don't miss our coverage on the July 9 show. In addition...

** Tom Krannawitter, Claremont fellow and Hillsdale political science prof, fires us up about why July 4 and the Declaration of Independence matter now more than ever.

** Mark Earley, former Virginia attorney general who now helps Chuck Colson run Prison Fellowship, reports on that important work... and veteran Colorado educator Jerry Wartgow updates us on the Common Good movement to reduce lawsuit paralysis in the schools.

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