Radio, July 16 : One cheer maybe

Join us on radio every Sunday, 5-8pm on 710 KNUS, DenverTo listen online from anywhere, click ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Hours after we finished our last show, the Colorado legislature finished its special session on immigration. The result fell far short of three cheers -- but since the state will now be a little less welcoming for illegal aliens, the verdict from Backbone is one cheer maybe.

Bottom line, majority Democrats helped themselves politically a lot more than they helped law-abiding citizens concerned about this Mexican invasion. They gave Gov. Owens some of what he wanted -- but did nothing on proof of citizenship for voting, or on preventing Supreme Court mischief with future ballot issues, the low blow that started this summer brawl.

Columnists Al Knight of the Denver Post and David Kopel of the Rocky Mountain News will be my guests this Sunday on "Backbone Radio with John Andrews" to analyze what happened and what's next. You are invited to listen in and join in.

** Kopel will also report on the UN gun-grab conference which ended in failure (hooray) earlier this month in New York. Here's his Volokh blog post about that.

** How dangerous is the Mideast powderkeg right now? Is North Korea for real? What would Reagan do? I'll ask his first national security adviser, Richard V. Allen, who now lives in Denver.

** With two local Democrats exploiting Terri Schiavo's death in their congressional races, Ramesh Ponnuru of National Review will discuss "The Party of Death," his hard-hitting new book about the Dems and the life issue.

** Plus an update on the privately funded school voucher plan recently launched by Colorado Catholics -- I'll talk with educator Dick Thompson and businessman John Harpole.

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Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS