Radio, July 30: Is it World War Three?

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This kicks off our 710 Townhall speaker series, with another good one coming up next month. Hugh Hewitt's warmup act on Friday will be none other than Bob Beauprez, Republican candidate for governor. Be there if you can.

Hugh and Bob agree with me, I'll bet, that Israel's current battle is no mere border incident but part of a struggle for the survival of liberty (and yes, the survival of America itself), on a global scale that some are calling World War Three. The determination of Islamic fascism to destroy us is just that serious, I'm convinced.

"Backbone Radio with John Andrews," coming up Sunday night the 30th, will dig further into this vital question. Dr. Neil Dobro, chairman of Americans Against Terrorism and a leader in Colorado's Jewish community, joins me in studio with the latest from his sources over in the Middle East. I hope you'll be listening.

There's so much more to cover, our three hours on the air hardly scratch the surface. My other guests this week include...

** Ken Blackwell, the Ohio secretary of state who recently won his GOP primary for governor and is now on a roll to become the highest ranking African-American in elected office anywhere.

** Brian Davidson, Republican running statewide for the CU Board of Regents, and Terrence Moore, the former Marine who runs Colorado's top-scoring charter school -- where teens study classics and like it. You want fresh ideas on education, these guys have'em.

** And to wish our state a happy 130th birthday in style, Tom Noel, Colorado historian extraordinaire, chimes in with yarns and lore ahead of Statehood Day, August 1.

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