Radio, Aug. 6: Israeli Ambassador Calling

Join us on radio every Sunday, 5-8pm on 710 KNUS, DenverTo listen online from anywhere, click ------------------------------------------- Links for our 8/6 guests include for Ambassador Uri Bar-Ner, for Roger Pielke Sr., and for Paul Prentice. The Colorado corporate campaign against TABOR nationally is linked here. ------------------------------------------- How is the morale in Tel Aviv as the war enters its fourth week? Will the Turks contribute peacekeepers in Lebanon after Israel's drive against Hezbollah is over? What does Turkey's success as a secular Muslim state tell us about a possible better future for Islam as a whole?

Ambassador Uri Bar-Ner, former Israeli envoy to Turkey and my friend from a 2004 Mideast trip, checks in live from Tel Aviv by satellite phone for our August 6 show. We'll ask him these questions and more.

"Backbone Radio with John Andrews" invites you to listen and join the conversation this Sunday from 5-8pm on 710 KNUS. We don't buy into the neutrality of some, and the hesitancy of others, in the hot war with Iran's terrorist proxy. We're huge admirers of Israel's backbone during the past month (and the past 60 years). Agree?

** Jim Spencer, Denver Post columnist, may not agree. That's okay, he's always welcome in the studio anyway. We'll get Jim's peppery take on everything from Dick Lamm to Qana to Baja, attempting to straighten him out where needed.

** Rosemary Jenks of Numbers USA, a leading immigration reform group, thinks Baja is sending too many of its people to El Norte. We'll hear if she agrees with Dems that Colorado's new law on illegal aliens is "just wonderful, end of subject."

** Roger Pielke Sr., CU climatologist, will tell us why the global warming panic is unwarranted. His work, predictably overlooked by the MSM, was highlighted in June by the Post's David Harsanyi, who had a good related piece this week.

** All this plus a strong dose of economic truth from CU's Paul Prentice, instructor for the Independence Institute liberty course we've told you about before. With leading Colorado business groups trashing TABOR nationwide -- corporate socialism in full flower -- that dose is sorely needed.

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