Radio, Aug. 27: Another fighting congressman?

Join us on radio every Sunday, 5-8pm on 710 KNUS, Denverand now also on 1460 KZNT, Colorado Springs To listen online from anywhere, click ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Colorado has done well in electing first-term congressmen who get into the right fights and quickly make their mark as fighting conservatives in Washington DC. Think Tom Tancredo as a defender of our borders, Marilyn Musgrave as a defender of marriage. Will my former state Senate ally, Doug Lamborn, be the next one?

I'm predicting yes. Lamborn's vision for November and beyond, after his hard-fought win in the CD-5 Republican primary, will be up for discussion this Sunday when he's interviewed on "Backbone Radio with John Andrews." Joshua Sharf and Krista Kafer will host the show as I'm away doing immigration research at an undisclosed tropical location.

But speaking of Tancredo, is he edging into the 2008 presidential race, running while seeming not to? Scroll down to my latest Denver Post column, which says he is.

And speaking of Joshua, click here for his critique of Islamic doublespeak, Colorado style. Also scroll down here at Backbone for Krista's report from Turkey, so valuable in the Muslim world as an ally of the US and a friend of Israel.

Finally, check out the very next post below this one -- a penetrating 9/11 anniversary piece by Houston-based commentator Jim Windham.

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