Ref C waste is 'nothing to sniff at'

Let’s take a trip back in our time machine to last fall’s election season (I know, we haven’t even managed to get through this one but bear with me) and recall the arguments used to support Referendum C – the state’s largest tax hike ever. One of the prevailing arguments, that prompted former Senator Hank Brown to beg for our votes in a television commercial, was that if we didn’t pass the tax increase it would be devastating to higher education. And it worked! On November 1, 2005, 52% of the voters passed Ref C hoping that the money would be spent wisely and higher education would be "safe." If you’re curious as to how part of your tax increase is being spent, don’t miss this article in the Denver Post: “Holistic science studies are nothing to sniff at.”

One of the pictures accompanying the article shows a student blissfully sniffing a bottle of, well, something. In the article you’ll learn that one of Metropolitan State College of Denver’s brand new majors is “integrative therapeutic practices” which teaches students to sniff things like “tangerine oil” and practice Reiki, “which involves channeling energy into someone’s body.” Students will also receive instruction on how to make herbal teas and salves.

That's your tax dollars at work, folks.