Radio, Sept. 10: Five years after 9/11

    Update 9/9: The show will lead off at 515pm with Randy Graf, Arizona congressional candidate and immigration reformer, commenting on the incredible meddling by Colorado's Republican Party in his 9/12 primary. Why would the GOP up here send $5000 to Graf's opponent, along with DC bigwigs, who have sent far more? For info and to donate, go to

Join us on radio every Sunday, 5-8pm on 710 KNUS, Denver and now also on 1460 KZNT, Colorado Springs To listen online from anywhere, click ----------------------------------------------------------------------- It was five years ago Monday that the conflict some are calling World War III went from cold to hot, with Islamist attacks on America's leading cities. How are we doing? Who actually is our enemy, and what are the stakes? How can we win?

I will explore those questions this Sunday on "Backbone Radio with John Andrews," the most principled, most patriotic, most faith-based, most Colorado-proud spot on your weekend radio dial.

** Richard V. Allen, former national security adviser to President Reagan, and Bill Armstrong, former US senator, now a university president, will be my guests to discuss the outlook five years after 9/11.

** Carol Chambers, district attorney for Arapahoe and Douglas counties, and Paul Jacob, director of Citizens in Charge, will join me to talk about the Amendment 40 proposal for term limits on judges.

** And with the election barely eight weeks away, we'll talk some politics as well. Rich Mancuso, Republican challenger to Democrat Congressman Mark Udall of Boulder, checks in with a report on his underdog campaign. I'll also get Sen. Armstrong's reading on this year of challenge for Bush and the GOP.

Please tell your friends about "Backbone Radio with John Andrews." America and the West, still not fully aroused to the threat we face five years after 9/11, need a lot more backbone right now. We're committed to helping. How about you?

Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS -------------------------------- Who are they kidding? Judicial performance commissions recommended voters retain all of the 108 judges on this year's Colorado ballot. Yet opponents of term limits claim the existing review process is "rigorous" and our proposal is "nutty." The status quo is deficient, a Rocky editorial says. That's an understatement.