How I voted in Election 2006

By John Andrews ( Your ballot is your business. But since I'm often asked about mine, here is how I voted when our absentee envelopes went in the mail today.

On the amendments, it was... Yes 38... Yes 39... Yes 40... No 41... No 42... Yes 43... No 44.

On the referendums, it was... Yes E... No F... Yes G... Yes H... No I... No J... Yes K.

More detail on my reasons for the ballot issues appeared in this September column. My case for Bob Beauprez in the governor's race appears here.

So for Bob and the other candidates, it was a straight Republican ticket, and with disappointment that we don't have party ID for city councils, school boards, RTD board, and yes even judges, in place of the current, dysfunctional nonpartisan system.

Speaking of judges, I cast a polite, impersonal no vote on retaining any and all of them. Some are conservative, some liberal, and no doubt most are honorable individuals doing their best. But that's not the point.

I simply believe the whole judicial system needs a wakeup call from we the people as to our discontent with its imperial tendencies, and a substantial vote tally in the "do not retain" column is one way to start sending that message.