Radio, Nov. 19: Welcome to Planet Pelosi

Join us on radio every Sunday, 5-8pm on 710 KNUS, Denverand now also on 1460 KZNT, Colorado Springs To listen online from anywhere, click ------------------------------------------------------------------------ RUSH & TOWNHALL took note of us this week! See details at bottom. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ SHOW PREVIEW, NOV. 19... Like it or not, she'll be Speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi's arrival isn't to my liking from the standpoint of keeping America safe, taxes down, and our values strong. But we may like her object lesson of why Democrats shouldn't get the White House in 2008. And Planet Pelosi will be an unruly place, judging from her setback in the Hoyer-Murtha race this week. How unfortunate.

I'll preview the next two years of Democrat dominance, with Madame Speaker stirring up DC and Governor Bill Ritter leading Colorado, tomorrow on "Backbone Radio with John Andrews." Though we'll have no bar scene this week (with thanks to all who came to Lodo's for our birthday last week), expect high energy with guests like Jon Caldara and Jim Spencer. Plan to listen in and call in.

** Why does the usually smiling Caldara, Independence Institute president and broadcaster, have a scowl for Republicans, who he says got what they deserve on Nov. 7? I'll ask Jon.

** Will Spencer need a calm-down prescription to restrain the glee in his Denver Post column as Dems assume full control of the state in January? Our clinic will diagnose.

** What does Richard V. Allen, Reagan's first national security adviser, foresee in Iraq and the wider World War IV as Rumsfeld departs and Pelosi arrives? Hear Dick's insights.

** With Hillary eying health care again, why not seek a capitalist solution instead? I'll interview David Gratzer of the Manhattan Institute, who has a new book saying just that.

** What's Teen Mania? It's not a magazine or a mall store, but a Christian ministry whose director, Ron Luce, joins me to talk about his book, "Battle Cry for a Generation."

"Backbone Radio with John Andrews" is the most principled, most patriotic, most faith-based, most Colorado-proud spot on your weekend radio dial. We're into our third year, and conservatives have never needed this show more than right now, as we dig out after the 2006 election debacle. Please join us this Sunday.

Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS ----------------------------------------------------------------------- RUSH LIMBAUGH read on the air last Monday, part of my column from the 11/11 Rocky (see two posts below this one) about Denver media ignoring illegal alien crimes in their eagerness to elect Bill Ritter. The piece was linked on his website for 24 hours thereafter. Flattering, but the question remains: Will Gov. Ritter now make our whole state a sanctuary? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ TOWNHALL.COM, the powerhouse conservative website affiliated with Salem Radio, 710 KNUS, Hugh Hewitt and the gang, today carries my 11/19 Denver Post column (see post just above this one) on why Thanksgiving transcends politics. Flattering again, but more to the point is our sincere wish from the Andrews house to your house for a blessed Thanksgiving in the old pilgrim spirit.