Mideast repercussions from Dems' election win

By Dave Petteys (dpetteys@comcast.net) Appeasement in the Middle East is moving rapidly as a result of the American elections:

** Civil war in Lebanon, resulting in a Hizbollah-run Islamic state, is immanent. UN “peace keepers” will only watch, pointed as they are against Israel.

** America will do nothing, wanting Syria’s “ help” in Iraq.

** Syria will demand that we force Israel give up the Golan Heights, for which Israel and America will receive nothing.

**The Catholic Near East Welfare Association will soon make an emergency appeal for all the Christian refugees fleeing Lebanon for their lives. It seems the clergy prefer to hold candlelight vigils for the thousands slain than take any preventive action.

As the position of Israel becomes more and more untenable, contingency plans to evacuate the whole population of Israel to say, New Mexico, will need to be drawn up. The silence of the Democrats in Congress in the face of these democracies being snuffed is deafening.

What was that proverb about feeding the Alligator, hoping he will eat you last?