Radio, Dec. 3: Courageous Danish editor

Join us on radio every Sunday, 5-8pm on 710 KNUS, Denverand now also on 1460 KZNT, Colorado Springs To listen online from anywhere, click ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Did Islamist agitators manufacture the huge protest against those Danish cartoons? Of course. Did they also stage the recent imam airliner incident? Very likely. Should Turkey, the cradle of ancient Christianity, treat the Pope and all Christians more tolerantly? Yes. Is jihad for Allah the greatest global threat to human freedom today? Yes absolutely.

With me in the studio this Sunday will be Flemming Rose, the courageous Danish editor who first published those cartoons. He'll speak at CU-Boulder the next day. "Backbone Radio with John Andrews" has never had a more notable guest, or a more urgent topic, in our 100-plus shows. I hope you will listen in and call in.

** Separately on this show, we'll also talk with Rima Barakat, a Palestinian-American active in the Denver Muslim community, about her recent published attack on Israel, which has triggered continuing debate.

** Andrew Romanoff, Speaker of the Colorado House, will join me to discuss his Democrats' election success and next year's legislative outlook. We'll hear more on the happy Dems (and unhappy Miamians) from Rocky Mountain News columnist Mike Littwin.

** And Rebecca Hagelin of the Heritage Foundation will tell us about her book "Home Invasion," a tough report on the moral cesspool surrounding America's kids -- and what you can do about it.

Our show is the most principled, most patriotic, most faith-based, most Colorado-proud spot on your weekend radio dial. I'd be honored to have you as a listener. The chance to exchange ideas with fellow Americans like you is a source of needed hope right now.

Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS