As Hezbollahstan emerges, West yawns

By Dave Petteys ( There was a time when we fought a great war to “make the world safe for democracy”. Now Hezbollah, the Iranian and Syrian surrogate, is putting mobs in the streets to strangle the infant Cedar Revolution democracy in its crib before our very eyes. This is in much the same way that Hitler’s SA thugs intimidated the German legislature to pass his “enabling act” in 1933, which ended the Weimar Republic of that time. Will anything be done?

We can count on the usual paralysis from the UN. Once idealized as an International Forum where disputes could be resolved instead of going to war, the UN has become an import of third world corruption that provides a world wide audience to petty tyrants and their propaganda. Defending democracy and freedom is not on their agenda.

Our European “allies”, having grown soft and complacent on the 61 year peace dividend we have provided them, are unlikely to lift a finger.

What about the clergy? Will they stand idly by and let the Christian community in Lebanon be destroyed? Committed as they are to “non-violence”, they would prefer to hold candle light vigils for the thousands soon to be butchered, and to raise funds to help the displaced Christian refugees that will have to flee for their lives rather than condone any action that would preserve their way of life.

What about America? Though we have thought of ourselves in the past as a beacon of light and hope for freedom for the world, this has changed. For the last 50 years, the schools have taught our children that America is a country founded on racism, oppression and environmental exploitation. They have been taught that our precious gift of liberty and freedom is something to be taken for granted, and that America is “no better than any other”, (and therefore not worth fighting and dying for!) Any conflict to defend liberty is depicted as “American aggression and bullying”, violating the PEACE!

Our lame duck President, hands tied by Iraq and advised by a panel of elderly defeatists, will be immobilized. The public, for its part, will tune out and concentrate on the “real issues”, which of course are the Super Bowl, who will win the Oscars, and basketball season.

Islam is winning another round in its war to destroy Western Civilization. (Yawn, when’s the game on?)