Time to hold Iran & Syria accountable

By Dave Petteys (dpetteys@comcast.net)

I ran across the following comment: “America is responsible for the American deaths in Iraq. After all, they were the ones who invaded in the first place. The Iranians and Syrians have nothing to do with it!” Such a comment is the exclusive purview of a moral relativist who clearly demonstrates his inability to differentiate between good and evil. It’s like saying a person who is robbed is himself responsible for the crime owing to the fact he rose from his bed that morning.

Any mention of the 600,000 bodies found in Saddam Hussein’s mass graves is dismissed with “you’ve killed that many in auto accidents!” or “Well, you dropped the bomb on Nagasaki!” It is “moral equivalizing” at its finest.

The complaint our country and its allies -- and the terrorized Iraqi people --have with the Iranians and Syrians is the continuing sanctuary and support they provide the insurgency in Iraq: the staging, training and resupply, conveniently ignored by our commentator. The tentacles of the war reach directly into Syria and Iran. Yet our commentator would be the first to howl “America is widening the war!” were we to chop these tentacles off as we should and need to do.