'Jihad Incorporated' is a must read

By Dave Petteys (dpetteys@comcast.net) Last weekend I had the opportunity to view Steve Emerson talk about his new book "Jihad Incorporated" on CSPAN2 Book TV. The book basically is a compilation of court actions involving Islamic fundamentalists. Two things struck me:

** How widespread Jihad activities are in the United States, (in 40 States according to Mr. Emerson’s book).

** That a young man called in and accused Mr. Emerson and his book of “fear mongering”.

To me, it was a perfect example of the success of Islamic strategy in the United States. They have purposely positioned themselves as a persecuted minority, wrapped in the cloak of religion and “Civil Rights”. The Islamics study us, game our system and are very successful.

The secularist Left believes that the current religious war doesn’t apply to them. The “convert or die” choice the Islamics would give them means nothing to them. They are so focused on their hatred of George Bush, they cannot see past domestic politics to recognize the threat that faces not only our Nation, but Western Civilization itself. The Islamic outrages around the world seem distant: even the attack of 9/11 seems forgotten. After all, fighting terrorism is what’s causing it, right? They seem to think a defeat in the war with the Jihadists would only be a defeat for George Bush, not America.

It’s hard to see what could change the situation. The struggle could last a couple of generations. There’s no guarantee that Western Civilization will survive. I wonder if the Left is ready to start studying Arabic and attending Mosque. Maybe the feminists will like wearing burkas and being forbidden to leave their homes without the escort of a man? Maybe the academics will enjoy watching every University converted to an Islamic Institute, where the only discipline is studying the Koran and the Hadiths. Remember; since Mohammed is the last prophet, there is no reason to study anything else. The arts and sciences would no longer be necessary.