Radio, Feb. 11: Lincoln stands tall

Join us on radio every Sunday, 5-8pm on 710 KNUS, DenverTo listen online from anywhere, click ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Statesmen are scarce, whether you look at Washington or our elected leaders here in Colorado. President Bush has shown moments of greatness but little consistency. The US Senate is an embarrassment much of the time, no matter which party is in power. Bill Ritter has fumbled repeatedly on his first series of downs. All the White House contenders for 2008 have their flaws.

So it's not just for historical interest, but for an example much needed today, that Americans should honor the statesmanship, genius, and nobility of Abraham Lincoln at this time each year. We'll do so this Sunday on "Backbone Radio with John Andrews," mindful of his birth 198 years ago on Feb. 12. I hope you will join me, Joshua Sharf, and Matt Dunn for the program.

** Tom Krannawitter, Hillsdale College professor and Claremont Institute fellow, will talk about his new book, "Vindicating Lincoln." We'll learn why conservatives should revere the Great Emancipator (sadly, not all do).

** Angelo Codevilla, also of the Claremont Institute, was an early voice warning that we might lose the peace in Iraq, after having won the war. His reports on our show are always bracing, if somber.

** Bishop Harry Jackson eloquently advocates the "Black Contract with America on Moral Values," about which I wrote recently. You'll enjoy his common-sense thoughts on Black History Month.

** Plus an update on Colorado issues from state senators Brandon Schaffer (D) and Dave Schultheis (R), as well as our favorite anti-preppy from the Rocky Mountain News back pages, Mike Littwin.

Spin the dial, surf the net, troll through the weekdays -- you just won't find anything else like Backbone Radio. Please be part of our show this weekend by tuning in at 5pm Sunday.

Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS