Great guests, week after week

Backbone Radio proudly engages a statewide and national audience each Sunday from the moral high ground of “America without apologies, America as it was meant to be, America with steel in her spine.” These were some of our hundreds of guests in 2006, the program’s third year: Sean Allen Conservative Student Activist

Uri Bar-Ner Israeli Ambassador

Bob Beauprez Candidate for Governor

Bill Becker Maine Heritage Policy Center

Waldo Benavidez Secure Borders Advocate

Bill Bennett Former Education Secretary

Michael Bennet Denver School Supt.

Dana Berlener Institute for Justice

Wendell Cox Market transportation expert

Nonie Darwish Arabs for Israel

Brian Davidson CU Regent Candidate

Neil Dobro Action Israel

Mark Earley Prison Fellowship

Chris Edwards Cato Institute

Eric Egland Author, Win in Iraq

Humberto Fontova Anti-Castro author

Leondray Gholston Chairman, Black Republicans

Ken Gordon Senate Majority Leader

Douglas Gresham C.S. Lewis’s stepson

Douglas Groothuis Denver Seminary

John Harpole School voucher donor

James Humes Speechwriter to 5 presidents

Bishop Harry Jackson Black Contract with America

BJ Jackson Iraq disabled veterans leader

Rosemary Jenks Numbers USA

Charles Kesler Editor, Claremont Review

Al Knight Denver Post

Dave Kopel 2nd Amendment expert

Thomas Krannawitter Lincoln biographer

Helen Krieble Philanthropist

Mark Krikorian Center Immigration Studies

Marlo Lewis Global warming expert

Tom Lucero CU Regent

Evan Maloney Academic freedom filmmaker

Andy McElhany Senate Minority Leader

Kevin Miller Vanguard Forum

Bill Moloney Education Commissioner

Terrence Moore Charter school headmaster

Tom Noel Colorado historian

James Nyondo Evangelist & Togoland prince

Randal O’Toole Smart growth expert

Frances Owens First Lady of Colorado

Roger Pielke CSU climate scientist

Daniel Pipes Middle East Forum

Jared Polis State Board of Education

Ramesh Ponnuru National Review

Dennis Prager Syndicated talk show host

Connie Pratt Pro-life leader

Joel Rosenberg Author, The Last Jihad

Herb Rubenstein Candidate for Congress

Brad Shipp Students Academic Freedom

Mark Smith Author, Take Back the Court

Jim Spencer Denver Post

Lola Spradley Candidate for Lt. Governor

Tom Tancredo Congressman, R-CO

Tom Tillapaugh Denver Street School

Curt Weldon Congressman, R-PA