Radio, Feb. 18: America after liberalism

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After liberalism has run its course, which I believe is already happening, what will America be? That phrase, "America after liberalism," can mean one of two things.

Either it describes a society that is demoralized, declining, and exhausted as a result of embracing false ideals - much like Europe today. Or it foresees an America on the road to renewal after rejecting the liberal illusion and rededicating ourselves to the nation's founding principles.

Which will it be? That's up to us. As liberalism crashes and burns, we must be ready with a conservative vision of liberty and order to rise in its place. Otherwise we'll see the New World pulled back into the grip of the Old, erasing four centuries of ever greater independence.

This demands thinking-about by conservatives - hard thinking to prepare us for determined action. Our Backbone program every Sunday is part of that. The goal is to bring you not just talk radio but "think radio" - conversation with depth and truth. We'll do it again on the Feb. 18 show...

** Michael Reagan talks with me about the sources of his father's greatness, as Presidents' Day points our attention to the birthdays of Washington (Feb. 22), Lincoln (Feb. 12), and Ronald Reagan (Feb. 6).

** Star Parker, Los Angeles welfare mom turned black conservative commentator, makes her first visit to Backbone Colorado USA.

** Gianna Jessen, who electrified the Colorado House last year with her testimony as an aborted baby who grew up to be a talented singer, joins me as well.

** Plus an update on the Hollywood Left from our man in showbiz, Joseph C. Phillips, and a storm warning for parents and taxpayers from education watchdog Terri Rayburn.

If you don't plan your future, someone else will plan it for you. That is true both for our personal lives, and for our responsibility together as free citizens. Backbone Radio invites you help us prepare for America after liberalism. Please be listening on Sunday.

Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS