Stop enabling the radical imams

By Dave Petteys ( Islam has no clergy. What they have is “consensus”, a consensus managed currently by militant Imams who whip the faithful into frenzies of hatred, as seen in the widely distributed photo of a poster demanding "Behead Those Who Insult Islam," at a rally in London a couple of years ago.

Not only does militant Islam deny the holocaust of Jews during WWII, they are now denying that the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, the site of the present day Al Aksa Mosque, ever existed.

Unfortunately, the Islamist consensus does not have a good record of preserving history. The Islamics are purposefully and systematically destroying the archeological evidence in Jerusalem, which means knowledge that could have been gleaned by excavation is lost forever. Another example was the Buddhist statues in Afghanistan destroyed by Taliban artillery.

Consensus is too kind a word: mob group-think is probably closer to the mark. To those on the “peace at any price” Left who call for “negotiations and reaching out to the fundamentalists, and understanding them” should bare this in mind. How do you negotiate with a mob? Unfortunately, the only way is with superior force.

Only when the Islamics suffer stunning defeats will the mob settle down and consider an alternate course of action. Only when the firebrand Imams’ strategies have led to disastrous dead ends, will the moderate voices prevail, allowing Islam to emerge from its medieval principles into the 21st Century.

Perversely, the more the Islamics are kowtowed to, the more they are accommodated by the multiculturalists, the more their militancy is validated.

It’s time to stop encouraging militant Islam with our current path of cultural suicide.