Radio, Mar. 18: What are civil rights?

Join us on radio every Sunday, 5-8pm on 710 KNUS, DenverTo listen online from anywhere, click ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Air America was abuzz on Thursday with flippant calls about assorted misdeeds we can now blame on Khalid Sheikh Muhammad - killing Anna Nicole, shaving Britney's head, formulating New Coke, etc. Randy Rhodes, the acid-mouthed host, was having a little contest to ridicule Khalid's confession of planning 9/11 and 30 other terrorist attacks. Ha ha.

Smug denial is some people's response to the Islamofascist design for destroying the United States, Israel, and the free world. But we at Backbone Radio respond with defiance and determination to repel this threat and defeat this enemy at all costs.

What's now known about KSM's crimes and intentions, by the way, became public only because our country values individuals and their rights so highly -- leading to one branch of government checking another even in wartime and even where enemy combatants are concerned.

The meaning of "rights" in this land of liberty will be a theme of our March 18 show. Discussion will range from the confessed Al Qaeda mastermind to the furor of Democrats about the CIA leak case and the fired US attorneys. In addition...

** Young activist Jennifer Gratz will talk about last year's upset victory for the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative. Bob Beltz, who helped make the new Wilberforce movie, will tell how a lone hero shamed Britain into banning slavery.

** We'll also dig into these issues with black conservative columnist Joseph C. Phillips.

** Colorado political consultant Christine Burtt will report on the Muslim mind from her recent Mideast trip. Former New Mexico Republican chairman John Dendahl will explain why NM's leftism finally relocated him here.

Spin the dial, surf the net, troll through the weekdays -- you just won't find anything else like Backbone Radio. Please be part of our show this weekend by tuning in at 5pm Sunday.

Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS