Gooney birds of the intellectual elite

By Dave Petteys ( The self-styled intellectual elite are like tropical birds. They sit on their perches in the newsrooms, universities, and magazine editorial offices. They squawk and groom their plumage, believing they are the cutting edge center of the world. But are they?

What I see is an intellectual aviary, confined by almost invisible nets of political correctness. The birds fancy themselves free as they screech and flutter from branch to branch. But they subconsciously know the nets forbid many branches, nets to which they have grown so accustomed, they no longer even see them.

These birds caw, flap their wings and land in unison and excrete on the branches of what they call American empire, the President, and Christianity.

Or they chirp continually about the new Global Warming faith.

Though they say they champion “Freedom”, they refuse to look at the freedom of the Venezuelan people as it is destroyed before their very eyes. Nor can they bring themselves to admit that Castro’s Cuba is the ruthless dictatorship that it is.

The malfeasance and hypocrisy of minority Civil Rights leaders are completely ignored.

Nor will they face up to Radical Islam, since it has fraudulently positioned itself as a persecuted non-Christian minority.

The American people are patient: and wise. But as these brightly colored birds continually bite their keepers, they only hasten the day they are turned out. Outside their Manhattan, University and Left Coast zoos, could they even feed themselves?