Radio, April 22: Face of evil

Join us on radio every Sunday, 5-8pm on 710 KNUS, DenverTo listen online from anywhere, click ------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's been a week of sadness. The slaughter at Virginia Tech on Monday, the Columbine anniversary today, and in between, the irresponsibility of mainstream media in giving the evil Cho a national audience. The leader of the US Senate deems our war lost for no greater reason than his own lack of spine, and criticizes the Supreme Court for upholding an abortion law he voted for. Revolting, all of it.

Sadness too at services on Thursday for our family's matriarch, Donna's mother Patricia Gordon, who passed away at 90 on 3/31. But gratitude as well for her exemplary life of faith and patriotism... gratitude for a huge step back toward the rule of law and the protection of life by that Supreme Court ruling... gratitude for the resiliency of America as a free and decent society unyielding to evildoers at home or abroad.

** On the radio this Sunday I'll talk about how to resist evil and surmount tragedy with seminary professor Dr. Paul Zahl, author of the new book "2000 years of Amazing Grace." And I'll discuss the long fight to protect unborn children with Ambassador Alan Keyes, in advance of his 4/25 address at the State Capitol.

** Plus plenty of conservative politics, as usual on our show, with Colorado gadfly blogger Brad Jones of and Dave Nabity of Omaha, former candidate for Nebraska governor and a TABOR leader in his state.

** And we continue warning of legislative mischief with two weeks to go. Colorado Call to Action will air again during this week's program, with straight talk from conservatives at the Capitol about potential tax hikes, regulatory overreach, and assaults on your values. Another raid on petition rights, HCR 1001, is now also on the move.

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Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS