'You write for who?' asked Hugh

Yep, it's true, I told Hugh Hewitt during the 5 o'clock hour on his national radio show today: I write a Sunday column for the liberal Denver Post, and now I'll be doing political commentary for denverpost.com as 2008 approaches. We conservatives are out to reclaim the Post little by little, I added. Hewitt had said on the air that if John from Backbone Radio was listening, I should call in with comments about last night's Republican debate -- which I immediately did. My comments were at the ready as a result of having live-blogged the debate with four other Post pundits.

Here's a McCain soundbite from the debate that may have been a Freudian slip, said Hugh, and I knew what was coming since I had headlined that very quote in a post near the very end of the two hours, as follows:

    "Not gonna erect barriers & fences" (Posted by John Andrews @ 6:56 pm) So says McCain about immigration. Maybe he’s speaking figuratively, in the "golden door" mode, or maybe he’s admitting the border security provisions of his own bill are as phony as all the conservatives have been claiming. I’m betting it’s the latter.

David Harsanyi and I offered our debate analysis as Republican well-wishers (I hope without too much cheerleading), while columnists Jim Spencer and Diane Carman plus Montana blogger David Sirota wrote from the Dem (or left of Dem) perspective. Here's the link for all of our comments on the 6/5 GOP debate in New Hampshire. Scroll further down on the same thread to read mine & Spencer's duel over the 6/3 NH Dem debate.