Nightmare continued: Disunited States of America

By David Petteys (

The golden age for ancient Israel was the united kingdom under King David and his son Solomon. It lasted less than a 100 years. It fractured when Solomon’s son tried to impose an unreasonable agenda on the Northern Kingdoms. In analogy, has not the American golden age been the last 100 years of a united and prosperous United States? But are not the pieces in place for its dissolution over the next couple of generations?

The progressives have taught our children that the United States has been built on racism, genocide and oppression, and maybe the world would be better off without it. The progressives have spent the last generation balkanizing the nation: rich against poor, men against women, ethnic strife, victimology, and entitlement.

Secularism along with a “higher loyalty" to all humanity and mother earth, undermining and ridiculing Americanism and patriotism, has become the established quasi-religion. And if the secular vision for the future is only to enjoy life as comfortably as possible, who is willing to die for anything?

Suppose the current drive for amnesty and open borders succeeds. It’s not hard to envision a California legislature, dominated by Hispanics, declaring themselves an autonomous region with a special relationship to Mexico. And if they passed laws to do the following:

** To fly only the Mexican flag

** Public schools to teach only in Spanish

** Only Mexican history to be taught

** To prohibit Federal withholding by California companies, and instead mandate its diversion to the state

** Seizure of all Federal Facilities by the California militia (basically a California Hispanic Army)

... does anyone think a Hillary Clinton, who had spent the first four years of her administration dismantling the American military, would send the 82nd Airborne to seize Sacramento?

More than likely she’d “negotiate”. And as the negotiations dragged on for years, the California secession would become a fait accompli. It would result in an arrested tax flow to Washington, but not welfare checks from Washington.

With this precedent, there would be nothing to keep little islands of Islamic Republics forming in Michigan and Minnesota, an independent Mormon region in Utah, and so on. In another generation or two, the United States would be no more: only a balkanized and warring North American continent. The weath, power and prosperity of a United States only a distant memory of old people whose broken hearts remember it well.

It would also render a squabbling North America incapable of dealing with any external threat, such as a modern 30 million man, nuclear-equipped Chinese Army.

The Progressives had better start learning Chinese, unless the Chinese decide to exterminate and repopulate the entire continent, which they could easily do.