Progressive nightmare, Part 3

By Dave Petteys ( If there were a catastrophic attack on the United States tomorrow, many patriots would hope this would finally unite the country in the face of a radical Islamist enemy who have publicly announced their intention to destroy us. Unfortunately, I no longer believe this to be the case.

Headlines in the Progressive media would proclaim "Bush fails to defend America!” Nothing would be said as to who perpetrated the attack (as little was said of the identities of recently apprehended plotters targeting Fort Dix and JFK Airport), lest we “offend Muslims”.

The Democratic Congress would call for investigations and resignations of the officials “responsible”, with minimal concern, again, about who actually perpetrated the attack (this too was foreshadowed by Obama's limp-wristed reply to such a question at a debate this spring). No mention would be allowed in the hearings of the Congressional tying of the hands of Intelligence operatives, of the restrictions on the Patriot Act and its monitoring and other defensive measures that could only increase the odds of an attack being successful.

If anything, such an attack might even lead Congress to demand that the President apologize to the Islamics and that Islam be granted a “special status” in the United States.