Freedom and peace, inverted, become weapons against us

Commentators say "The war has divided our nation." This is not really true. The Marxist Progressives and the Islamics have striven to divide our nation on purpose with years of concerted propaganda and pressure on elected officials to render "politically incorrect" the defense of our nation and the interests of its people. The Marxist Progressives and the Islamics seek to exploit our tradition of free speech for potentially ending this 231-year experiment in freedom and prosperity! If they are successful, we could be the first nation on earth to vote itself into slavery! In thinking of Free Speech: when the American Intifada begins, and thousands are killed each year, publicity will be essential for the recruitment of suicide bombers. Like Al Jazeera, will CBS, ABC and NBC and the NY Times cooperate fully with the American Intifada by dutifully broadcasting the suicide killer’s video last will and testaments? Will they publish daily the dozens of portraits in their newspapers? This will be vital in giving these nobodies their 5 minutes of fame. Will our society have enough sense to stop such broadcasts? Will we finally shut down the most virulent Jihad websites -- some of the worst of which are said to be located stateside on servers in Dallas, Texas? Or will the ACLU’s free speech arguments prevail over common sense?

There is precedent: sporting event cameramen are instructed NOT to follow streakers who might leap onto a playing field or a basketball court. They do this to discourage copy cats. How much rather suicide killers when the lives of innocent men, women and children are at stake?

I ran across a very simple and elegant prayer today: "Graciously protect our nation from evil that it may prosper in your Shalom. Help us overcome evil today through the power of good."

Notice the "Shalom" instead of "Peace." The Marxist Progressives and Islamics have hijacked the word Peace so thoroughly that it now means "abandoning our responsibilities, to suffer defeat, humiliation, death and destruction at the hands of our enemies!" It means literally the peace of the graveyard. Shalom is much deeper and wider! It means living securely, free of conflict, internally and externally! Without a doubt, to achieve Shalom, to overcome evil and to even survive... this nation will have to reassess and redefine its absolutist definition of "free speech" before we are left defenseless!