Protect us by Thy might

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"Protect us by Thy might, great God our King," says that old patriotic hymn so seldom sung these days. It should be the daily prayer of all Americans, accompanied by daily alertness to the many threats against our country and by active defense against them.

Moving to Denver from DC in the 1970s, I noticed a lot of indifference to world affairs, despite Colorado's strong military tradition. Today with our coasts and borders seeming much closer, Backbone Radio is here to help you stay informed and involved.

** Sunday I'll talk with Rowan Scarborough, author of "Sabotage: America's Enemies inside the CIA" -- timely as the latest national intelligence estimate paints al Queda as stronger than ever -- and with Major Eric Egland, Iraq veteran and author of "Troops Need You, America: How to Help Them Win."

** Ambassador Joseph Wu, Taiwan's top diplomat in the US, also joins me by phone from Washington. And Jerome Corsi, author of books on nuclear Iran and Kerry's war service, reports on the quiet momentum toward forming a North American Union.

** State Senator Chris Romer (D-Denver) also checks in after last week's postponed date... we'll hear his market-based common sense about roads and schools... but Speaker Andrew Romanoff isn't yet rebooked after we missed him on the 15th... seems my warning about his anti-TABOR plan displeased Mr. Speaker.

What a compliment to conservative talk radio that the left is begging for on-air quotas to push its less persuasive views. And what a privilege for us at Backbone Radio to provide your weekend conservative update every Sunday. Tune in, please!

Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS