Kiddie license plate? Gag me

Here we go again. Another initiative that's 'for the children.' And how you be against that, unless you're a cold, cruel heartless SOB? I'll do something really daring here... I'll inject logic and common sense into this discussion and risk being called all of the previous names. Here's what this is about: Starting August 1st, Colorado drivers around the state can purchase license plates for their vehicle that say ''Colorado Kids First.” A portion of the price of these plates can be directed to the non-profit or charity of the owner's choice. Sounds good at first, but here are some reasons why I don't like this slogan. And why for a healthy society, you shouldn't put 'Kids First.'

As a kid, you're not (or shouldn't be considered) 'first.' If your parents put you on a pedestal from early on (or cater to your every whim and wish), you'll probably be an egotistical idiot when you're an adult. Cases in point: Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Lindsey Lohan.

You should learn a good work ethic by doing jobs you don't necessarily want to do. Such as – taking out the trash, cleaning the shop, and scooping manure. It keeps you humble, and makes you appreciate better jobs and situations when you get older. You should also learn to respect and get along with others, and your family members. Eventually you'll figure out (or should know) that life isn't about 'you first.'

If you get too self-absorbed, you'll miss out on the joys, curiosities, pleasures (and yes, pains) that life can bring. There's also a God in heaven (who is much bigger than you or I) who cares and wants the best for you and your life – no matter how complicated or difficult it may seem at times.

'Kids First' is a nice, feel-good, yuppie slogan that will lead to more Coloradoans buying these license plates. Which in turn will put more money in the coffers of the state and non-profit groups (which for the latter is fine).

Children are important in families, and should be protected and provided for. But this phrase seems to reflect a society that's forgotten common sense, wisdom and the real priorities in life.