Say no to Peres' appeasement

Shimon Peres’ remark in a Wall Street Journal interview last weekend that Israel must “get rid of” the territories it has occupied for 40 years tells us a couple of things: (1) He has bought into the Arab deception that their issue is a territorial dispute and not a basic desire to destroy Israel outright. (2) He is willing to betray the memory of those who have given their lives and blood in the 6 Day War. Israel, like America, has grown prosperous and complacent. Their Left wing vision for the future, as in America, is only to go about one’s life and live comfortably. If appeasing our vicious enemies will buy enough time to assure the apocalypse doesn’t happen during MY lifetime, that’s all that’s necessary. Since Mr. Peres is 83 years old, it may be a good strategy for him. But the Radical Islamic Apocalyptic visions won’t wait for the rest of us!

Every concession, rather than bringing peace, only feeds the radical perception that the end times are NOW! It energizes them to move to the next step towards the fulfillment. The final destruction of Israel and the West, the establishment of the world wide Caliphate! It’s almost all within their grasp!

No Mr. Peres: “getting rid” of the Sacred Eretz will only hasten the destruction of us all. Rather than bringing peace, the Radicals will trumpet “another triumph for Arab arms!” Hizbollah bunkers, rockets and Syrian artillery will be moved to the Golan, and all the Galilee will become uninhabitable. It will pave the way for the American Intifada.